THE HOTEL CASA PIZARRO is committed to providing its services with sustainability criteria. To this end, the family hostel develops activities for the environmental conservation and promotion of the cultural and economic heritage of the region, promoting the participation of its guests, suppliers, collaborators and the community in general. All of the above, in compliance with the regulations in force and rejecting any activity of commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, child labour and discrimination in all its forms.

Objectives of Sustainability:

To protect, conserve and promote the natural, patrimonial, cultural and landscape resources of the city of Cartagena de Indias.
Prevent and/or reduce the environmental impact caused by tourism activities.
Support local socio-economic development.
Promote the participation of local people, collaborators, suppliers and guests.

THE HOTEL CASA PIZARRO is an establishment committed to sustainability and we welcome:

Law 679 of 2001 rejects the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents and warns customers, suppliers and employees that these practices are punished in accordance with the legal provisions in force. In addition, we have a code of conduct to prevent the sexual and commercial exploitation of children in accordance with Resolution 3840 of 24 December 2009 and Article 1 of Law 1336 of 21 July 2009.

LAW 1333 of 2009, so we express our rejection of the illegal trafficking of species of flora and fauna and warn that these practices have stipulated environmental sanctions.

LAW 379 of 1997 Article 15, we warn that offences against the cultural heritage of the Nation have penalties for persons who violate the constitutional duty to protect the cultural heritage of the Nation.
Law 376 of 2009, we reject and prevent the consumption of tobacco, alcohol and other psychoactive substances in minors.

Collaboration and Institutionality:

Follow and replicate institutional information concerning: care of the environment, protection and promotion of heritage.

Municipality of Cartagena
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism
Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development
National Parks